Participating in a pageant has been a dream come true for Marjorie.  Finding a pageant that is mostly platform based truly intrigued her.  Since Marjorie was already heavily involved in community service, competing in the International system just made sense.  Since it was her first pageant, she focused heavily on doing research on pageantry...from interview questions to proper outfits.  Marjorie reached out to former beauty queens to seek advise, looked up interview questions, watched Youtube videos to prepare for the New York International.  Although she felt prepared when she got to the pageant, experience is a better teacher.  Even while at the NY pageant Marjorie learned so much more about pageantry that she hopes to share with others.  She felt blessed to have been awarded with the "Photogenic Award," from the NY pageant.  

Marjorie enjoyed her experience at the NY International Pageant so much that she felt that she was ready to participate in another.  The fact that most of her charity work is in Haiti, Marjorie spoke to the Haiti International Pageant director, Hermanie Pierre (Miss Haiti International 2012) to see if it would be a good match.  After her conversation with Hermanie, Marjorie submitted her application for the Haiti International Pageant and competed.  She was First Runner-Up at the Haiti Pageants.  Marjorie continues her work with Educate Haiti Now, and Out To Reach educating teachers and children of Haiti in hopes of creating a brighter future!  Not only that, but Marjorie has recently started a chapter of the Star Legacy Foundation here in NY.  The Star Legacy Foundation is an organization that brings Stillbirth Awareness a  cause that is personal to Marjorie.

Marjorie was recently crowned Mrs. New York International on October 4th.  She also won the Most Photogenic and People's Choice awards.

The newly crowned   Mrs. New York International  , signing her contract.

The newly crowned Mrs. New York International, signing her contract.