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Until we meet again...

It’s been a while since I have written…I wanted to share with you why…

On April 1st, while everyone were probably paying April Fool’s jokes on their friends, I received a call that a part of me was wishing was a joke (albeit a sick joke). My nephew/Godson called me to say my sister (his mom) had passed away. I will spare you the details of how I reacted to the news…let’s just say it was bad. I thank GOD that my friends Daphne and Diana were there with me when I received the news.

I am at a loss for words about that day but I do want to share about my wonderful sister. Cotie was a beautiful person inside-and-out. I think what I admired the most about her was her ability to give to others what she never received. Cotie’s childhood was tough but she made sure that she freely gave love to her children —something she admittedly was denied. She ALWAYS ended our phone conversations with “I love you!” One has to understand our culture to know how much of a big deal that is and was. ’I love you’ is understood but rarely said. Cotie said it and she said it freely!! I admire how she raised her oldest child, Marco…basically unknowingly training him for this time… she raised him to be independent, trusting and believing that he could do what others thought may have been too difficult for him. Cotie knew he could; he has and he will continue to do so. Marco gave the most moving eulogy at her funeral, thanking his mom for all that she has done for him and all the ways she had prepared him to be the man that he is.

Cotie and I were a lot alike even though there was a significant age gap. We both love to have a good time, laugh, dress to the nines, made friends easily and love our family fiercely. When I saw her I saw a lot of myself. That’s why I asked her to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. She had the ability to make everyone feel close to her. Most of all she was giving. Cotie took care of her siblings and other family members both here and in Haiti. She had a Christ-like heart. That’s why I know He welcomed her with open arms in Heaven.

I can’t say enough about her…She will be missed! My hope is that she felt loved by us in return.

I love you sis! Until we meet again in His glory!


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