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Training Myself To Become A Beauty Expert

With the pageant coming up in 5 months, I am determined to perfect some areas in make-up that are lacking.  So yesterday I took a “Brow, Liner, Lashes” at Sephora (45 East 17th Street).  First great thing about the class is that it’s free!! The other, is that I truly learned some really great tricks.  I love wearing lashes but to be frank I SUCK at it.  Doing my eyebrows is something I am good at but I want to perfect my skills. With the tips that were taught in the class,  I feel like lashes can/will be a staple in my life and my eyebrows will be rocking.  

Some things that I learned…


-Mark points with your brow pencil where the brow starts, arches, and ends.

-Highlight your brows with concealer if you want your eyebrows to stand out and with concealer if you want to hide some imperfections.

-Whether you are using powder or pencil go light on the thickest part of your brow and darker at the ends using upward strokes.


Lashes: (I used Sephora “Astonish” $10 pic at bottom)

-Define the lash line with water-proof black pencil liner to serve as the base for your lashes.

-Measure the lashes and trim excess.

-Apply a thin layer of glue on the lash band and wait 30 sec so that the glue gets tacky.

-Apply lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye and work your way out and press down to get lashes close to the lash line. In my case yesterday, I had to start from the outer-in because my lashes didn’t reach to the end.

-Apply mascara to blend faux and real.

-Conceal the lash band with a liquid or gel eyeliner.

I really do recommend these make-up classes at Sephora’s.  The ladies are really friendly, helpful and supportive.  Of course the gimmick is that you would be so enamored with many of the products they rave about during the class that you would go shopping on a spree once the class ends.  For me that’s fine because it was all subtle and no pressure at all.  I personally didn’t buy anything yesterday but I did start a list of things I want.  

You can sign-up either online or at a Sephora. At the end of class they gave a gift bag that had some really great samples.  I’m looking forward to next week’s class on eyeshadow colors.  Let me know if you sign up!


These are the lashes that I bought for the class.

Sonje Lakay Fundraiser

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