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Sonje Lakay Fundraiser

So we did it!!! I made a decision not to be anxious the days and weeks leading up to the fundraiser.  The week of the fundraiser, I decided that I would fast just so that things can go according to GOD’s will.  Not only that but I have been known to juggle a few things simultaneously.  This time of course I didn’t disappoint (hahaha).  On the same day of my fundraiser, my girlfriend Mary’s shower was going to happen in my yard.  You may be asking yourself WHY?  Well Mary’s bridesmaids wanted to do a picnic theme without having to go to the park.  I was able to offer them to hold the shower in the yard.  I know Mary would do the same for me.  When I needed someone to help me make my nieces bridal parties’ tank top, she volunteered.  Mary helped me put in each Swarovski stone on the tank tops to create the different bridal titles…there were 10 to make!  Needless to say, I needed to do this for her.  

I went shopping in the morning to buy more things I needed for the fundraiser, and I left my husband at home to receive our guests.  I came home, showered, attended the bridal shower for 2 hours, then someone picked me up to go set up for the fundraiser.

OMG!!! Fundraisers are a LOT of work.  Even with the man power that we had I felt like I was all over the place. I greeted, served, spoke, and cleaned. The theme was remembering home (Haiti) with a focus on the towns in the North of Haiti.  We fed our guests the foods and drinks that are popular from those areas, shared their history, and showed a video of the work Out To Reach has been doing in Bognotte, Haiti. Did it come out exactly the way we wanted it to? Nope!  Nothing ever does.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  It was all worth it! We raised money and awareness.  The children of Haiti deserve an education.  Education is the key to change! No one should be deprived of an education!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!



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