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It started with Angericka...

A couple of years ago a young lady that attended my church, Angericka, was in a pageant and she needed sponsors. I, feeling nostalgic, sponsored her in her endeavor. I was happy for her! She was going after a dream. Ever since that time, I once again became consumed with a longing to fulfill a long time dream. So I started researching. Since I was no longer single, I was curious as to what options there are for married women. I found a few but one stuck with me. I made a decision to apply for that pageant. YAY!!!! Nope, not yay!

What happened you ask? Well, I did what I do best (with my self diagnosed ADD), I got distracted and found reasons not to apply. Yet, the longing was still in my heart. What’s a girl to do? Honestly, nothing! I put it off. Until I had a dream! That dream shook me (some day I’ll tell you all about it)! I did tell 3 people. The dream harassed me and annoyed me until one Sunday afternoon unbeknownst to anyone, I filled out the application and sent it off. By the next day I received an email for an interview. And by the day after that I was selected as Mrs. Brooklyn International!!!!

So on October 4th & 5th I will be competing for the Mrs. New York International title!!! Not only that, but I get to promote my non-for-profit charity Out To Reach. This organization is doing so much for Bognotte, Haiti!

I am beyond excited and nervous!! I thank Angericka for going after her dream. By her doing so she didn’t realize she was rekindling mine. You never know how going after your dreams will inspire someone. Do it for yourself…do it for those who need the hope of possibility. I thank my hubby and all my family and friends who support me.

Let’s get this one for the BK!


Mrs New York International