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Buddy + Book = Great Idea

I believe I mentioned before in my blog that I love to read. I also attached my Goodreads bookshelf. But…I had a dilemma. I want to be in a book club. I had my own book club for a while and although I liked the conversations we had, I couldn’t deal with the tardiness and inconsistency of our meetings. Then I joined another book club. That club had great spreads but we didn’t have meaningful conversations about the books we read (and we read some pretty good books). Often people came for the comradery and didn’t even read the book. So I was done with that club! I looked every where for a new club but had no luck. What’s an avid reader/gabber to do?

Recently while on Goodreads, I was reading someones comment about a book and she mentioned how she and her book buddy had enjoyed reading a particular book. She explained that a book buddy is just you and a friend who read the same book (like a book club) and you come together to discuss it. Well duh!!! Why didn’t I think of that? I was on a search for a book buddy!

Hmmm who of my friends really likes to read? Who can I count on to be consistent? Who can I talk and debate for hours with? Well one of my close friend Daphne (whom I adore) and I were always discussing books we’ve read. As a matter fact she would often read the books that I would read with my club except she couldn’t make the meetings. I text and causally asked her one day, “Hey Daph, wanna be book club buddies?” And I explained what is was. “Oh sure!! I’m down!” I knew I could count on her!

Thus begins our first book buddy club (or reading buddy)! Our first book club book is:


I can’t wait to discuss this book over wine :-)


Happy International Women's Day!!!!

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