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Betcha you can't! Betcha I can!!

At the end of January, after boasting that I can do without coffee, my students challenged me to give up coffee for the whole month of February. Huh? Can I do this?! They told me that I could drink coffee on the weekend but not during the week.  

What did I get myself into?  I mean, I have a little coffee club going with another teacher.  I make the coffee in my room every day!  The aroma filled our classroom every morning since September! Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge.  Parents and teachers alike learned about the challenge.  One parent promised me that if I made it through the month she would buy me breakfast.  Well…I’m game!

Those kids checked every cup I drank from to make sure I wasn’t drinking coffee!! Every day I heard “What are you drinking Mrs. Vail? Let me see.”  Nosey kids! The truth of the matter is I can only drink coffee before 10am, after that my tummy really can’t handle it.  At the same time, I wanted to challenge myself.  I’ve fasted food before, but I wanted to see if I could  give up something that I didn’t think I was attached to. Oh I had days where my head was fuzzy.  And I don’t even want to talk about those cranky days. But I stayed strong.

My coffee club buddy was shocked that I was going through with the challenge.  She told me that she would’ve have cheated (I was tempted). “You have a lot of will power,” she said.   I truly believe by staying true to the challenge, I taught my students a valuable lesson…You can do anything you set your mind to.  

When March 1st came, my students were so proud of me! In the midst of our Dr. Seuss celebration they made sure I had my coffee! AND 1 student made me a special breakfast and another bought me a chocolate pastry. How lucky am I?  If my students learned anything from me, I hope they remember this particular challenge.  I pray that they learned, through this bet, that they can face any challenge so long as they do it one day at a time!


Ooooo this picture looks so good! I love my coffee light and sweet!

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