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ALL things pageant

I am quickly realizing that you have to eat, breathe, sleep pageantry! It’s not a joke.  The director of the NY pageant emailed me a list of the things that I will need for the day and a half of the pageant and when I read it I was floored! 7 outfit changes within a day and 1/2! I’m going to need to be on my Diana Ross grind during this pageant.  You know what…? It’s right up my alley.  I get to shop HALLELUJER!!!!( insert Madea voice).  There’s a fitness portion of the pageant so I’m going to have to get on my Jeanette Jenkins grind too! Oh Jezu (Oh Jesus)!!! Even my mama is on board.  She came over today and brought me some Haitian patties and bread.  Mom asked me if I would like for her to bring some duri ak djondjon (black mushroom rice) tomorrow.  I told her yes but don’t bring a lot cause I need to get in shape.  She responded, in Kreyol: “Oh my gosh!!! I can’t bring you rice! No more rice for you.  You can’t have bread either! You can’t play around!” Gotta love my mama. Haitian mothers LOVE to fatten their kids up. So, I appreciate her support!  

So how do I need to get prepared exactly:

-Interviews-I’m a talker and have been told that I am eloquent but that won’t hold water.  Even if you think you are a GREAT speaker, you must practice.  Especially for me since I have never done a pageant before.

-Walking-My normal walk, well…I have to pretty it up.

-Stay up on current events. NY Times anyone? I use to read that paper every day in college…sigh.

-Promote my platform-Get all eyes on Out To Reach!

-Blog-What have I been up to? What am I working on? What’s close to my heart?

-Shopping-Oh boy! Can’t wait to do that! I have enlisted some trusted girlfriends for this fun adventure.

And countless other things.

I have to admit…I have woken up thinking “What did you get yourself into?” but it’s so worth it.  Get out of your comfort zone GOD said to me! Oh Lord, boy do I hear you!


Duri ak Djondjon

Mrs New York International