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Mrs. New York International Take 2

I am excited to announce that I will once again compete in the Mrs.  New York International competition on October 4th.  After competing in Mrs. Haiti, I felt a bit discouraged.  Don't get me wrong, being runner up is great but no one goes into a competition aiming for 2nd place. After finally getting over my lost, I was able to see that it was not GOD's will for me to win Mrs.  Haiti and when something is not GOD's will for you, then you should accept it.  That's why before deciding to compete in Mrs. New York again, I prayed and sought lots of advice before finally making the decision.  I had a GREAT experience in Mrs. New York.  It was my first pageant competition and I have to say Jodi and Scott really took care of us contestants. My fellow sister queens were genuinely beautiful inside and out. 

I am REALLY excited to be competing again.  I find that I love competing!! Losing is hard but when I think about the exposure to your charities and all the wonderful people you meet, in the end it really does balance out.  My platform this time is the Star Legacy Foundation, an organization that focuses on Stillbirth Research and Education.  In a few days I will share why this organization is so dear to my heart.  There are a few things about pageantry I don't like.  What I do like about the International systems is their focus on platforms (charities) and for that I will always love it!

So, I am going to need you guy's support on October 4th! Whether you are there physically, texting or shouting me out on social media, doesn't matter, I will need them all! Let's bring this crown back to BROOKLYN!!! 



Your Mrs. Brooklyn International 2014

Mrs. Brooklyn International Sash

Mrs. Brooklyn International Sash

Your new Mrs. New York International 2015 is....

Your new Mrs. New York International 2015 is....

Teacher Summers Institute-Croix-Des Bouquet Haiti