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Haiti Pageant-Interview

Saturday morning was a big day! Interviews were on this day it was 50% of our score.  I was in the first group being interviewed at 9:30am.  I made sure I got up early so that I was not rushing.  By 9am I was in the lobby sitting, waiting for directions.  Being that this was my second time around doing interviews with the International pageants, I knew what to expect but I was still a bit nervous.  I practiced interview questions a LOT.  I even had an interview buddy, Emicia Parker (Ms. New York America Plus).  She and I would call each other once a week and have interview questions to fire away to one another.  Who needs a pageant coach when you have Emicia Parker?

Right as we walked into the judges room, my heart accelerated a bit but I felt confident.  I sat down with five judges for five minutes each.  Most of the questions they asked me were from my platform sheet.  Questions ranged from, why did I choose my platform to what has it been like being married for over 10 years.  All the judges were sweet which made me feel comfortable speaking to them.  

The interview portion of the pageant was worth 50% of our score, so it was really important that I do well.  The scores ranged from 1-15.  The higher the score, the better.  Of course, the interview scores coupled with the scores of the other categories (onstage interview, Aerobic wear, evening gown), would help a lucky woman become the next Mrs. Haiti International Pageant.  I was excited!!

Haiti Pageant-The Show

Haiti Pageant-Dinner