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Haiti Pageant-Excursion/Sad News

We are to visit the Dusable Museum of African American History.  The city of Chicago was founded by a Haitian by the name of Jean Baptiste Point Dusable so it was apropos to visit this museum.  After a nice breakfast with my sister queens and taking countless pictures we were off!  

While at the museum, we learned more about Dusable.  We also had a great discussion on the plight of the slaves as seen through a huge mural.  We were asked our own thoughts of how we would have done or felt if we were slaves going through slave trade.  The answers were deep! I'm saddened by the thought of what my ancestors went through.  At the same time, I am grateful for their sacrifices.  For it is through them that I am able to have the full life and opportunities that are available today.  

When we returned to the hotel, we had some time to just relax.  Before I left NY, one of my former students was really sick in the hospital.  Gratefully, I had gone to see him prior to leaving for Chicago.  While I was in my room resting, I received a text from our school guidance counselor asking, "If I had heard the news?"

I quickly asked him, "What news?" (I think by then I knew)

"Where you?" he asked.

"I'm in Chicago." I replied.  I think it dawned on him then what I was doing because everyone knew I was in Chicago to compete.  He told me he would call me on Sunday.  I picked up my cellphone and called him.  When he answered, I asked if my former student had passed away and he confirmed that he had.  I wept. My heart was broken. I then quickly called my co-worker and we cried together and reminisced.  She told me to pull myself together and finish my competition.  I hung up with her and got dressed for dinner with a heavy heart.





Haiti Pageant-Dinner

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