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Haiti International Pageants-Orientation

I made it to the hotel in enough time to shower and change into my first outfit for orientation.  As I have gotten older I've become a stickler for time.  Therefore, I made it to the orientation room 30 minutes prior to the appointed time only to find two other women there before me: Ms. Teen Au-Caye and Mrs. Jacmel.  Meeting them was like meeting old friends since we've chatted on Facebook the previous months.  Little by little, everyone trickled in and finally orientation started.  Hermanie Pierre (Haiti Pageant Director) introduced herself and asked that everyone (including parents and husbands) to the same.  There were some funny moments and some deep moments but all in all there was a sense of family in the room which made the atmosphere peaceful.  We received our goody bags then went on to take pictures.  For me, I looked around and thought, the winners are here in this room.  GOD has already chosen them! I prayed that whomever they were, that they would represent Haiti well.

The beautiful Haitian women competing.

The beautiful Haitian women competing.

Haiti Pageant-Excursion/Sad News

Haiti International Pageant-Departing