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Haiti International Pageant-Departing

After the many interviews, shopping, and appearances, the time arrived for competition weekend.  The previous day I had was bitten at work by one of my students, so I spent my evening at the doctors office putting a monkey wrench to my packing of the pageant.  By the morning time, I managed to squeeze everything into my suitcase.  I made the decision to pack my pertinent wardrobe in a carry-on bag just in case my suitcase didn't make it to Chicago with me.  Right before heading to the airport, I went shopping for some silver shoes with rhinestone to go with my outfit for Friday's Dinner.  Then my husband and I headed to the airport, making it there in record time.  Of course when I get there I found out that my flight was delayed by 2 hours.  Thank goodness that Chicago is an hour ahead of us which meant that I would still make it to Chicago before orientation.  I wore my sash at the airport and of course people were curious.  One person surprisingly even asked me for my autograph.  I had made a decision that prior to leaving for the pageant that I was going to enjoy myself no matter what!

Haiti International Pageants-Orientation

My Sister's Keeper