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My Sister's Keeper

Beauties Come in Threes

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Prior to competing in the Haiti pageants I got to know many of the contestants through Facebook.  I had the pleasure of meeting two young ladies that were contestants of the Miss Haiti International.  One is Jessica Saint Georges, Miss Leogane and the other is Ariel Metayer, Miss Teen Jacmel.  Ariel lives in New York so she and I got together pretty often to go over pageant business.  Jessica lives in Pennsylvania but she, Ariel and I were often interviewed together.  Jessica, whose platform is Sexual Abuse Awareness, asked Ariel and I if we would come and speak at her event.  We gladly accepted.  It was a time filled with food, music, dancing and impactful stories.  I was honored to have been a part of it. 

Haiti International Pageant-Departing

Community Service Award