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Community Service Award

So my brother calls me and says, "my Fraternity is going to give you an award."

"Huh? Me? Why?"  

"What do you mean why? I nominated you! I told them about all the work you've been doing in Haiti and your community as well as the pageants.  They thought you deserved it."

The year before, the brothers of Phi Sigma Chi had a women's appreciation award where they honored women in the community that were giving back to their communities.  I remember attending that award show and hearing the first female Captain in the BK give a speech on how she moved up in ranks.  I was very inspired by her and also by Sigma Phi brothers for acknowledging women like her.  Little did I know GOD's plan was for me to receive an award the following year.

I prepared one speech; my husband looked it over.  "No" he said, "it's missing something."  I felt it too but I didn't know what it was. I couldn't sleep the night before.  Through my tossing and turning the spirit of GOD spoke to me.  "Who are you? What's important to you?" Then it came to me...servitude.  So, that is what I spoke about, what came about in my life that led me to believe that servitude is the only way to happiness.

The coolest thing about that evening besides receiving my award, was having my baby brother introduce me.  He likes me!! :-)

We tried to tape my speech but unfortunately technology failed us.  I did have several people come up to me afterward to say that they were inspired by my speech and an interview for a magazine.  Even if those things didn't happen.  I felt confident that I spoke what GOD wanted me to speak.

Thank You Phi Sigma Chi!!


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