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Haiti International Pageants

So after I wallowed in defeat for a little bit, I decided that I was going to try again.  I started preparing for interviews and working on my platform.  During that time, I came across the website for Mrs. Haiti International pageant and thought about competing in that.  I had made contact with Hermanie Pierre the year before seeking advise from her since she had done the International pageants before.  She was very sweet and helpful.   I ended up talking myself out of  competing in the Haiti International Pageant (HIP). "No Marjorie, you can't plunge right in again.  You need to wait until October," I thought to myself.  Moving on, I took myself on the path of getting ready for another pageant.  

One thing I believe in is divine intervention.  Probably a month after deciding not to compete in the HIP, one thing led to another and I made the decision to compete!

Deciding to compete in the Haiti International has been a great decision.  I've met some really great women.  GOD has tested my heart through servitude.  The organizations that I volunteer for are truly my passion.  Nothing makes me happier than to promote Educate Haiti Now, and Out To Reach.

I don't know what will happen on April 5th in Chicago at the Haiti Pageants but I do know this, I will aim to have a GREAT time.  There is no  competition but myself!


Please vote for me at www.haitipageants.com



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