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New York International Pageant-The Show

After interviews, the Mrs. got a couple hours to rest before lunch and rehearsal.  I did take the opportunity to lie down a bit and hang out with my son and husband.  After resting, I changed into a nice outfit for rehearsal. Although I wanted to wear something sporty, I read that this pageant system sort of frowns upon it, so I dressed up. The directors asked us to bring all of our things downstairs to the show place.  Thank goodness the show was being held at the hotel we were staying at, because of course, I forgot some things and had to go back and get them. During lunch and rehearsal I got a chance to speak to some of the contestants.  I met a real sweetheart named Diana Cotrone.  She is a music major and doing her first pageant. like me!  Rehearsal was fun.  While some opted not to practice their 30 second speech, I took the opportunity to do so. 

Before we knew it, it was show time!!  My hair was pretty much done so I put myself to good use and helped one of the young ladies competing for Miss, Danielle Trumball.  My goodness, I don't think I met a more humble person.  She was so friendly and sweet.  Danielle was having a tough time curling her hair so I took on the task.  Everyone was so helpful and I didn't feel the spirit of competitiveness at all.  I found that to be a relief because having to compete is hard enough.  To have to deal with negativity would have been hard.  For that reason, I really appreciate the international pageant system.

The show went so quickly!  I have to admit, I was not happy with how I answered my onstage interview question.  I felt so ill prepared to answer it even though the question was simple.  That part of the show haunted me for months.  Other than that, I truly enjoyed myself! I even won Mrs. Photogenic!! I find that to be humbling considering I am always critical of myself in pictures.  It was a kiss from GOD and Him telling me to stop being critical of His image.

In the end,  I didn't win. A nice women named Nicole Palmer won.  Since there were only 3 Mrs. competing, I don't even know how I placed. To be honest, I felt fine about not winning.  The words of encouragement I received afterwards from my family and friends truly held me up.  I learned so much competing in this pageant.  I can't wait for the next one!





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