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New York International Pageant-Interview

Interviews were supposed to be at 8 am but got pushed back to 10am which I was really excited about.  I have to say I was extremely nervous.  I got to the assigned location 20 min before time.  Although I had practiced interview questions with my husband, I still wasn't sure what to expect.  I got a pep talk from the reigning Mrs. New York which made me feel a bit better.  Prior to entering the interview room we were told what the protocol would be for meeting with the judges and was reminded that it would be over before we know it.

The first judge, a current queen,  asked me many questions about my platform which I felt very confident about.  The second judge asked me random questions like : "Describe a color with my five senses" and "What do I admire about my best friend?"  The third judge was very familiar with Haiti so most of his questions was geared towards that.  I remember the fourth judge was sweet but I can't remember too much of what she asked me.  The last judge was a reigning queen as well, the question that she asked me that stood out was, "Someone may say to you, your doing all this work to help people in Haiti, what about the people here?"  America has infinitely more government programs for the lower class than Haiti was my response.  She was appeased by that answer.

Just like that, the judges interview was over.  I think I did well but of course you never know.  I was just glad it was over and I could say that I did my best! On to the show tonight.



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