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Photos • Croatian Relief Services Luncheon

Croatian Relief Services Luncheon

This past Sunday I had the honor to attend the Croatian Relief Services Luncheon.  By the grace of GOD, being a part of a not-for-profit, holding a local title, having visited Croatia and help from my friend Daniel Ulysse, all worked in my favor where I was invited to speak at this awesome luncheon.  Isn’t GOD good!

Croatian Relief Services is a Catholic organization that founded an orphanage, The Cardinal Stepinac Children’s Center, located in Bon Repos, Haiti.  The orphanage has 47 children that lost their home either from the earthquake, tragic life situations, or abandoned.  The children get all of their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs met.  The inception of the CRS, led by Father Gio, at first was to meet the needs of Croatians during the devastating Croatian/Bosnian War.  After the war was over, they turned their efforts to other countries that needed them and thankfully Haiti benefited from their amazing love.

The day was filled with singing, dancing, food, speeches, award giving, and raffles.  Some very special people got awards for their dedication to Croatian Relief Services.  I could tell from their speeches that the recipients truly believe in CRS’s mission.  Out of all that happened that day what stood out to me most was this little boy named Mackenson.  Mackenson is a little boy who lives in the orphanage who is here in the states for medical care.  To see his beautiful face and smile at the luncheon…priceless.  This little boy had no shortage of adults who carried him, and hugged him.  It is VERY obvious just from him that the children who live at the Cardinal Stepinac Orphanage are well loved and taken care of.  That made my day!

From the moment I walked in until I left, I felt so loved and welcomed.  I got to meet some lovely people.  Father Gio is unlike any priest I’ve ever met.  He is personable, loving, and very honest.  His whole family is awesome.  They are wholeheartedly involved in the orphanage and truly kindhearted people.  The children at the Cardinal Stepinac Children’s Center are truly in good hands.

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