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New York International Pageant-Orientation

I have been meaning to write about my experience at the pageant but I have recently moved and things got hectic, but it deserves to be told.


Friday morning we drove up to Callicoon, NY so that I could make it for my 2:30 orientation.  We left Brooklyn at 9:30 am and arrived at the Villa Roma Resort at 1:30pm.  A moment of panic hit me while I was in the car.  I said to myself, “What am I doing? I just want to be home cozy in my bed!!” Luckily, I was able to remind myself that I was prepared and that this is my dream!!

I was hoping that once we reached the hotel they would allow us to check-in early.  To my (and my hubby and son) chagrin they would not allow us to check-in before 4pm.  So, I was forced to get ready for my orientation in one of the Villa Roma restrooms which I was a bit embarrassed about.  When I arrived in the restroom there was another contestant getting ready in the bathroom as well. Great! So I am not alone.  We both commiserated at the inability to get ready in the comfort of our hotel room but both commissioned our husbands to check-in with our MANY bags and clothes.  

SB: I had fun packing for the pageant!  

After getting ready quickly, I gave my husband everything that I didn’t need and headed to orientation.  One thing I made sure of was that I was always where I needed to be 10 minutes prior to the appointed time.  I knew that being a good queen required for me to take every appointment very seriously.

I looked forward to meeting Jodi Cessna. She was so understanding during my pagentry process.  During the process getting my papers in, my sister passed away and I had to change the name on my birth certificate.  Plus she sounded like such a happy person and I love happy people.  I walked into the room and sure enough she rushes over to me and says “I am so happy to finally meet you!” Phew, it’s going to be ok!!  

We went through 3 hour long, thorough orientation.  I was soaking everything in…I was so excited!


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