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New York International Pageant-Dinner

Since Orientation ended at 5pm, it gave all the ladies about an hour to get ready, well…50 minutes if you wanted to get there on time.  Thank goodness my husband took all of our things into our room and hung them up (he’s a keeper).  As soon as I walked in, Roman (my husband) asked me how orientation went.  ”Great! I said.  I had already told myself prior to coming to the pageant that no matter what happened I would thoroughly enjoy myself.  


I knew what I wanted to wear but when I got to the room I was having second thoughts about it.  My husband convinced me that my outfit was just fine for dinner. I changed my lipstick and headed to dinner.  Many of the contestants had already arrived so I sat and chatted with a few of them.  Dinner came (I had chicken caesar salad) and we all talked easily.  The reigning Miss NY International (the current Miss International) & Mrs. NY International talked to us about our platforms and even did some interview questions.  They asked us about our previous pageant experience (which I had none) and our lives in general.  All the while I was at the table, I was really conscience about talking to everyone around me.  It’s my personality to be that way but I wanted to make more of an effort to extend myself.  I think by dinner time I came to the conclusion that I was enjoying this experience immensely!  

Funny moment:

Miss NY International Ladoue says to me, “So, how many pageants have you been in Marjorie?” 

Marjorie: “None! This is my first.”

Jesse: “Really?! I wouldn’t have known it! You have the perfect pageant hair!”

We all laughed!

After dinner, we had 30 minutes to get ready for our night of bowling!

I wish I had a picture of the outfit that I wore.  The picture below was the closest I could come up with.  This also happens to be one of my favorite pictures my husband has taken of me.

New York International Pageant-Bowling

New York International Pageant-Orientation