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New York International Pageant-Bowling

The time between dinner and bowling was a bit longer so I was able to recuperate a bit.  Bowling was probably one of two times that we probably didn’t have to dress up.  At orientation we were given a pastel purple NY International Pageant 2014 shirts specifically for bowling.  I decided to wear my shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and dark purple platforms.  Now, did I have to wear platforms? Not at all! But I figured, why not? I mean, this is a pageant…I wear flats on a daily.  Why not be a princess at every turn!!  When I arrived downstairs, some of the other contestants were already there but we still had to wait for a few.  I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only person who wore heels.  Danielle Trumball and I were of the same mind.  8pm rolled around and some of the contestants were late.  This fact actually perplexed me because I would think someone competing in a pageant would want to put their best foot forward.  I would assume that every part of our character would be on scrutiny.  Nevertheless, every time we were to meet, someone was always late!

After everyone had assembled, we took the hotel shuttle to the bowling alley on the premises.  It was raining a bit outside and although I always have an umbrella in my bag, I had left my bag upstairs! UGH!!! This is only problem because my hair is natural.  I had my hair straightened for the pageant.  Any type of humidity or water would revert it back it’s curly state. I did have my flat iron and etc but I really didn’t want to deal with straightening my own hair.  Some how, some way crisis was averted.

We arrived at the bowling alley and we had the whole place to ourselves.  We made random teams.  My team consisted of: Jodi Cessna, Brianna Worden (Miss Teen NY International), Dominique Dickson (Mrs. Long Island), and myself. 

Bowling was super fun! It was a gracious fun time. Whether we bowled poorly or awesome, everyone enjoyed themselves.  At one point in the night, my whole team bowled strikes in succession. 

We bowled for about an hour and a half and then back to the hotel we went to get ready for the interviews in the a.m.


New York International Pageant-Interview

New York International Pageant-Dinner