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Redemption's Award Ceremony!

Redemption's Award Ceremony!

On Wednesday night I had the honor of being a guest at Redemption's Award Ceremony. Eight altruistic people from Brooklyn were recognized for their community service.

Redemption, inspired by Bob Marley's Redemption Song, is a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Redemption strives to increase the educational advancement of underserved adolescents ages 13-19 in Brooklyn, NY, enabling them to excel academically and become leaders in their community.

We also had the privilege of hearing the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams give his keynote speech. He spoke about water and fire: what are you pouring into people? Are you cuffing the flames so that they don't blow out prematurely? Mr. Adams also spoke about being a global people not just America people. Awesome speech!!! 

The eight people that were honored were:  

1) Samuel Piere- Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Haitian American Caucus (consequently, I went to the Haiti HAC compound to teach educators this past July).

2) Gillian Garcia- Owner of Gillian Garcia Artistry , founder of Best Me Program (a program targeting females ages 13-18.

3) Pastor Tyrone Stevenson-Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Center, serving the community.

4) Rabbi Bob Kaplan- Founding Director of Cause 

5) The Carlito's Wish Foundation- Granting wishes of children suffering life threatening diseases.

6) Cecilian Clarke-President and CEO of the Brooklyn Community Foundation

7) Drunia Duvivier- Founder and President , Expanding Communities with Economic Literacy

8) Eric Adams- Brooklyn Borough President 

Two young adults from the program were also honored, Kezina Garnett and Vladimir Tingue. 

I want to thank my cousin Margarette Tropnas for inviting me and Tiffany Tucker along with the host committee of Redemption for putting on a great night! 

An Evening of Spirit!

An Evening of Spirit!

Sunday-Breast Cancer Walk and Gala

Sunday-Breast Cancer Walk and Gala