Marjorie Vail is the former Mrs. New York International 2015. 

Marjorie has been teaching for a decade.  She is a mother of a son and has been married to her husband Roman for 15 years.  Marjorie is currently a Universal Reading Coach in a Title I school in New York City and has been involved in community service having volunteered for New York Cares, Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective, The Relief Boutique, as well as in her school and church community.  

As a Haitian-American, hearing that the devastating earthquake in Haiti occurred it was an easy decision for Marjorie to return to do missionary work.  Soon after, Out To Reach (OTR) was established to continue the various benevolent works in Haiti.

Yet, she yearned to do more. When an opportunity to be a part of a pageant with an emphasis on social awareness presented itself, it was an obvious choice to become involved.  Pageantry can be a great way to promote and bring awareness to a cause. “I heard about the work that Educate Haiti Now (EHN) was accomplishing, so it was an obvious choice for me to get involved with --specifically for their focus on quality teaching.”   EHN’s Annual Teacher Summer Institute is held over the summers and with much success, making it a great platform for Marjorie.  As a teacher, this was a huge attraction in Marjorie’s decision to volunteer for EHN. 

After their child was born stillborn 10 years ago, Marjorie has found an organization where she could finally give back in a way she never received at the time of her loss.  Marjorie has become a member of the NY Chapter of the Star Legacy Foundation.  Her desire is to support as many families as possible through a tragic time in their lives.